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Contracts serve as THE foundation for every business deal - whether between employer and employee, independent contractors, buyers and sellers, or landlord and tenant.  Basically, a verbal or written contract is simply an agreement between two or more parties for the doing, or not doing, of some specified thing. 

"One size does not fit all"- Most business problems arise when contracts fail to include terms applicable to the particular situation. Oftentimes, a form contract (also referred to as “boilerplate”/"ready-made"/“fill-in-the-blanks” type agreement) will not necessarily meet your specific needs or it might not contain important legal clauses for your specific business arrangement. In order for contracts to be considered "legally enforceable" they must meet certain minimum requirements and, depending upon the situation, can only be enforceable if they appear in written form.

VetCounsel has over 20 years experience in the veterinary field assisting veterinarians and veterinary personnel with a multitude of contracts -  ranging from negotiating general business contracts involving third party vendors/tenants/suppliers to the drafting/defending of employment contracts.

VetCounsel strives to helps clients maneuver through the details and “the litany of nuance” associated with contract drafting and negotiating. Our practice is devoted to providing clients with legal review or general advice or assistance on a wide variety of contracts – whether hiring an associate, renting space, or conducting business with outside third parties. 

Contact VetCounsel (770.551.8160) to arrange a consultation meeting with an attorney regarding your contract questions, concerns, and needs.

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